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As it may be known, Olive is a special fruit that reflects the entire character of its region of origin. It therefore reflects the climate of the region where it grows, and even the characters of the plants that form around it.

When olive oil is tasted by a knowledgeable olive oil gourmet, all the environmental conditions surrounding the oil can be felt due to these properties of the olive oil. Therefore, sampling an olive oil means to live and feel the region where olive grows at a point. Dating back to 1946, EKİZ YAĞ supplies olives, used for producing its olive oil products, especially from the Aegean, Gulf and Edremit regions with care, which is one of the richest regions with its plant diversity and has the densest oxygen rate in the world.

Therefore, it has especially become a preferred brand in Turkish and world markets. Incorporated in the Küçükbay Group in 2014, Ekiz Yağ brand combines the traditional taste from the past with today's high technology, and contributes to the taste and health journey of olive oil from the past to present.

With its merger into Küçükbay A.Ş., the leading company in the edible oil industry thanks to its Orkide brand, the Natural Taste EKİZ OIL will improve its technology and product diversity with each passing day and will take a further step forward as a national and global brand with its renewed face.