• Number One For Fried Foods With Olive Oil

Its high-heat resistance up to 210°C-230°C, as well as palatal delight and digestion provided by the olive oil, also makes it indispensable for the kitchen.

Because olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acid, it is degraded later than other vegetable oils. Olive oil adding flavor to the foods which are cooked or generally fried at 180°C from potatoes to meatballs, from fish to chicken, from fried carrot, eggplant or zucchini, prevents the ingredients being fried from losing their proteins. Moreover, thanks to the layer formed outside, it ensures that the oil does not get inside the fried ingredient and remains on the surface. Is there any other vegetable oil that hides and protects the natural taste of fried foods?

Olive oil is very economical as frying oil. As the volume expands due to heating up, it does not need to be used in excessive quantities. Moreover, the used oil for frying can be reused without basting. Antioxidants contained in the olive oil make it more resistant to rancidity. In short, olive oil is both healthy and affordable. It is not accidental that pure olive oil, which is a true miracle of nature, is the right choice not only for the taste addicts but also for the health-conscious and sensitive consumers. But do not forget the words of the Mediterranean wisdom. 'Aged wine and fresh olive oil are invaluable'. Do not let your olive oil age more than two years! And in the meantime, do not neglect to protect it from the air, the light, and the heat so that its excellent features will not.