• The Secret of Staying Young

Olive oil wraps us in the cradle. Olive oil, a truly natural food, is ideal for the weaned infants since it contains linoleic and linolenic acid in quantities close to the breast milk.

In order to land a help to dry mothers, it is useful to mix some olive oil into nonfat cow milk for infant nutrition. Since olive oil is easy to digest, let's add that it helps to absorb vitamins and minerals more easily for people at every age. Chlorophyll is also present in olive oil, but chlorophyll does not only give color to olive oil, but it is useful for human metabolism as it allows cells to grow and the wounds to close quickly.  

The benefits of olive oil are not limited to them; it is well known that thanks to the vitamins E and K in the acid content and the antioxidant properties of phenols, the oleic acid helps the bone development in children, prevents osteoporosis especially in women amongst the adults, has a protective effect on the osteoarthritis, renews the cells and delays aging of tissues and organs, increases the healthy functioning of the brain and helps the sexual activity to last for many years, has a positive effect on the nervous and digestive system and increases their secretions, and mitigates the risk of formation of glad bladder stones, ulcers and constipation.