• Cretan Kebab

6 pieces of peeled artichokes

600 gr. lamb meat, diced into large cubes

1 tea glass of Ekiz sunflower seed oil


20-25 heads of shallots

1 head of garlic

A pinch of dill

Salt, black pepper

1 cup of green peas, if desired



Peel the shallots and garlics, and place them in a cooking pot together with Ekiz sunflower seed oil. Fry the shallots and garlics for about five minutes over medium heat, and then, transfer them to a plate. Place the meat cubes in the same frying oil and cook until the meat reabsorbs the juice it releases. Add sufficient hot water and cook until meats are thoroughly soft. Dice the artichokes into small triangles and add them on the cooked meat together with the shallots, garlics, some salt and pepper. If you desire, add some green peas and boil this mixture on medium heat, with the cooking pot’s lid closed, until the artichokes are cooked. After removing the cooking pot from the heat, sprinkle some dill and serve hot. Bon appetite!